About Our Team

Dynamic Investigative Solutions and Law Enforcement Consulting was founded by two highly trained, highly experienced homicide detectives, both of whom recently retired from major police agencies within the greater metropolitan Phoenix area.

Detective Pete Salazar (Scottsdale Police Department Homicide Unit) and Detective Darren Udd (Phoenix Police Department Homicide Unit) both had incredibly successful careers due to their relentless pursuit of justice for the victims, family, and loved ones affected by homicidal violence. Their experience, expertise, dedication and personal sacrifices ensured the successful arrest, prosecution and conviction of the offender or offenders, resulting in a 100% conviction rate of every case closed with arrests. As a result of their commitment, they individually developed excellent reputations within the legal and law enforcement communities. In addition, they cultivated close personal relationships with family members and those contacted during the course of these lengthy and emotional investigations. With nearly 50 years of combined law enforcement experience, they together have assembled a national network of resources, containing experts in forensics, police, medical, and legal professionals to provide the most comprehensive, professional and rigorous investigations possible. 

The two founders of Dynamic Investigative Solutions spent the majority of their careers conducting violent crime investigations. It is one of the Agency’s specialties. Detective Darren Udd of the Phoenix Police Department and Detective Pete Salazar of the Scottsdale Police Department met during the creation of a multi-jurisdictional task force to solve a series of shootings and murders that occurred in several jurisdictions within the greater Phoenix area. Between May 2005 and August 2006, Dale Hausner and Samuel Dieteman committed a total of 87 crimes, 19 attempted murders and eight murders, targeting innocent animals and pedestrians at random. The case was dubbed “The Serial Shooter Case” and gripped the entire metropolitan area. Detective Udd’s partner, Detective Clark Schwartzkopf of the Phoenix Police Department, led the task force and investigation as the case agent. Detective Salazar was the case agent for Scottsdale Police.

Due to the dedication and professionalism of all the men and women on the task force, both suspects were captured on August 3, 2006. It was evident that Dale Hausner was the “mastermind” of the murderous duo, and that he desired recognition as a notorious serial killer. Detectives Salazar and Udd interviewed Hausner; he denied all involvement in the murders and displayed a complete lack of empathy for any of his victims or their families and loved ones. Samuel Dietemanadmitted to his involvement and pleaded guilty to six murders. Dale Hausner was later convicted and sentenced to death for six of the eight murders.

During the course of the investigation, Detectives Salazar and Udd developed a friendship. They recognized that they both conducted their investigations with similar professionalism and meticulous attention to detail. Upon their retirement, they partnered together to form Dynamic Investigative Solutions.

Although no death investigator could ever guarantee the solving of a case, it is imperative that anyone conducting these complex investigations possesses the experience necessary to conduct a rigorous investigation. This is completed byexhausting all leads in order to investigate the incident, and identifying, collecting and correctly interpreting any evidence that potentially leads to the identity of a suspect. 

Experience matters.