Law Enforcement Consulting

In addition to providing the most professional investigative services possible, Dynamic Investigative Solutions provides a very unique and specialized component due to the extensive training and experience in police lethal use of force incident investigations. As homicide detectives in their respective departments, not only were they responsible for investigating both response and cold case murder investigations, but detectives Salazar and Udd investigated all police use of force events, including lethal force incidents and in-custody death investigations. These investigations are incredibly complex and require an unbiased analysis of the facts in order to conduct a thorough and professional investigation.

Due to the increasing use of lethal force incidents within the greater Phoenix area, several police consulting businesses have been created to take advantage of the situation. Upon researching the people involved in these particular businesses, some represent themselves as experts or experienced individuals who were involved in the investigative process. However, in reality, they held the rank of an assistant chief or other high ranking police executive staff positions whose only responsibility was merely reading the investigations once they were completed by the homicide detectives, and they had absolutely no representation or input whatsoever. Many of them have never worked in the Homicide Unit, or any investigative unit within their department and do not possess the experience or expertise to withstand scrutiny in a legal proceeding or trial.

Both Detectives Salazar and Udd have investigated high-profile, politically sensitive cases and have vast training and experience in law enforcement lethal force encounters, conducting these investigations as either case agents, crime scene investigators, and/or assisted/assumed lethal police incidents cases from other police agencies.

As a result, Dynamic Investigative Solutions can conduct a professional, thorough, proficient and unbiased review of all materials/evidence, statements, policy and legal perspective regarding these highly sensitive investigations. Our extensive knowledge and experience (in both criminal and civil litigation) are unparalleled in these matters. Our conclusions are based upon the facts of the investigation, not hyperbole, and will withstand any examination within the civil or criminal arena.