Litigation Support

Dynamic Investigative Solutions consists of highly accomplished former law enforcement personnel who dedicated their lives to protecting the community, while always operating with the highest of moral standards and ethics. Experience forges wisdom, and we are not blind to the fact that truly innocent individuals have been falsely accused of crimes they did not commit. These cases are often conducted by inexperienced, inept, or corrupt police personnel seeking promotion, recognition, or politically motivated criminal investigations and/or prosecutions. The corruption can be the Chief, and/or corrupt assistant chiefs who do not possess the moral fortitude to stand up to corruption in order to perpetuate their own careers. These cowards, who operate amongst the good men and women who possess courage, honor and integrity, erode the foundation of law and public trust. Political and Police corruption and malfeasance cannot be tolerated. Over the course of their careers, many of our team members have witnessed such corruption and immediately took the appropriate steps to identify and address the individuals involved and hold them accountable through the judicial system. 

Additionally, civil cases require an equal dedication to the pursuit of justice. Dynamic Investigative Solutions investigators have a fundamental knowledge of the law, criminal and civil procedures, police investigative policies and procedures, the collection and preservation of evidence, claim procedures and time restrictions involved with civil litigation. 

Our professional litigation support includes a consultation with counsel after a thorough and rigorous examination of the case in chief.

Criminal case consultation will identify any areas of concern regarding the police investigation such as policy and procedural violations, evidence identification and manner of collection, probable cause scrutiny, legal and/or ethical concerns, misrepresentation or malfeasance, investigative procedures, lack of experience with the investigative team, forensic examinations, crime scene oversight, witness statements and witness perspectives, Miranda violations, interview techniques, accuracy of the reports, thoroughness and quality of the overall investigation, suspect actions, conduct, alibi, and all other areas of potential concern. 

Civil case consultation will also include a comprehensive examination of the case and identification of issues of concern that require further investigation in a timely manner to solidify the strongest possible case for your client. 

Dynamic Investigative Solutions understands that the best result for most clients is a settlement prior to any set or firm trial date. However, should the case necessitate a trial, you want the most professional investigation possible utilizing the most experienced personnel with extensive court/trial experience. You also want these professionals to utilize methods and procedures to properly admit all evidence, while providing testimony that will withstand any scrutiny during cross examination. Dynamic Investigative Solutions litigation support services will administer a meticulous investigation customized to the specific needs of your case.

Our vast experience in court is not limited to a few minutes of testimony. To the contrary, our investigators were case agents, which meant the oversight of the entire investigation from start to the successful prosecution and conviction in court. This required our investigators to be present from voir dire, to conviction of the defendant. Our detectives participated in jury questions and concerns, and they often received accolades from the jury regarding the professional investigations they conducted, as well as the manner in which they presented themselves in court. These experiences over their careers only improved the quality and professionalism of their investigative methods. 

As a result, our investigators have extensive knowledge as to all court procedures and etiquette. 

Dynamic Investigative Solutions provides our expertise for vetting during voir dire. It is crucial to the success of your case to obtain the most qualified jurors who will take an interest in the details and render a fair and just verdict. It is critical that they base their verdict not only upon the principles of your case, but also the professional representation of your investigative team, coupled with counsel, under your direction, to achieve a successful result in your tort and obtain the best outcome for your clientele and your firm.

We provide the following services with our litigation assistance:

  • Juror vetting
  • Discrediting evidence
  • Scrutinizing witness testimony
  • Strategic case planning
  • Trial preparation
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Statements and affidavits
  • statement analysis
  • Surveillance and UNDERCOVER OPERATIONS
  • Pre-trial investigations
  • Wrongful convictions for civil and criminal
  • criminal history checks
  • employment history
  • detailed professional reports
  • CRIME AND CIVIL scene reconstruction
  • blood spatter interpretation
  • forensic evidence collection
  • investigative video or photography
  • collect, record and RETAIN evidence